Relax and recharge in our Yin and Meditation Retreat this June

This June we are going to do something special. We are organising our first dedicated Yin Yoga and Meditation Retreat. Normally in a yoga retreat there are different types of yoga, which is amazing, but to focus just on Yin Yoga and Meditation will be a completely new experience. One week to rest and recharge, to stretch the body, and calm the mind with yoga and meditation by the sea. One week to turn inward, to reflect, to connect to Gozo’s beautiful nature and make new friends.

Where do we stay?

You will stay at the 4-star Calypso Hotel, in a sea view room. You will also enjoy your daily breakfast there. Between sessions you can relax by the rooftop pool or by the sea. The hotel is right by the sea, close to a tiny beach. There are plenty of lovely restaurants in the area where you can have you dinner in the evening.

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga is a slow form of yoga, in which poses and stretches are held long. After a session the body may feel as if you have had a massage. Most people feel very relaxed and calm after a session. Yin yoga is the perfect antidote to our busy lifestyle, which is why Yin yoga has become one of the most popular types of yoga worldwide.

When does the retreat take place and what is the daily schedule?

The Yin Yoga and Meditation retreat takes place from the 25th of June to the 2nd of July. On a typical retreat day we have yoga or meditation in the morning, then breakfast. Then time for sightseeing and relaxing, and then we will enjoy lunch together on different places on the island. At the end of the afternoon there will be yoga and meditation again until the sunset. Some evenings there will be a veggie BBQ with music on the beach.

Your instructors and hosts

You will be guided by Monique and Sarah. Monique is an experienced outdoor Yin Yoga and Meditation teacher, and she has been organising different yoga retreats for 4 years now. She knows all the beautiful outdoor yoga locations on the island. Sarah teaches Yin yoga as well, and has been living on Gozo for many years now working as a diving instructor, swimming teacher and kids and yin yoga teacher. She loves Gozo and likes to share her passion for Gozo and yoga with you.

If you want to know more about it, please reach out to us through the Contact and bookings page. And if you want to try a Yin class, of course you can reach out to Monique and Sarah to give it a try first!

Happy weekend!

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