200 – hour Hatha Flow Yoga Teacher Training

Become certified as a Yoga Teacher in Gozo! We offer a full Yoga Teacher Training course as from 2023. We love to share our experience and knowledge with you about the principles and practice of Hatha Flow, a beautiful mix of traditional Hatha Yoga and gentle flowing movements. Hatha Flow makes yoga accessible for any one, as we learn our students to adapt any pose to their own unique possibilities and needs. The course is based on the standards of Yoga Alliance International of which we are a member.

You will learn:

  • Traditional and modern Hatha Yoga Poses with variations for every body
  • Gentle Flowing movements to make your sequence softer, more interesting and to support your students to work with their breath
  • Alignment of the poses
  • Sequencing and cuing
  • Anatomy, Physiology & Biomechanics: learn about the bones, muscles and organs we use during our yoga practice
  • Breath work, Meditation, Chanting and Mudras
  • Chakras and Subtle Bodies
  • History of Yoga as we know it today
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Teaching Methodology & Professional Development
  • The Business of Teaching Yoga
  • From Hatha Flow to Yin
  • Yoga Nidra

What is so special about the course?

The course is 200 hours, all live and in-person. The course is divided in four modules of one week, or you can choose to do the course in 23 days. The course is offered on the island of Gozo, a small island in the South of Europe with 300 days of sunshine a year. Our lectures and practice are right by the sea in the village of Qbajjar Marsalforn.

This course is a great way to deepen your knowledge and our focus is on learning how to teach in a safe, effective and inspiring way. You will teach a little bit every day, and you will have to possibility to teach “real” yoga clients who are part of the Yellow Rock Yoga community.

What makes this course unique is that we will be able to practice outdoors everyday. We will be right by the sea, on different locations on the island, depending on the season and the day. Our lectures can be outside in nature or in our cosy classroom right by the sea.

We offer the course with a private apartment in the Qbajjar area for the full course or with an apartment or hotel room for a 50-hour module.

If you cannot come to Gozo, but you want to do the course in a one-to-one setting online, please contact us for possibilities.

Lunch is included on course days, vegetarian or vegan when our chef is cooking or meals or eat whatever you feel like in the restaurants that we visit for our lunch.

If you don’t have time to come to Gozo for 23 days, consider getting your certificates in four different weeks. The course is divided in 4 modules:

Module 1:

50-hour Hatha Flow TTC: Hatha Flow Principles & Practice (hatha yoga poses, flowing sequences, teaching practice, anatomy, physiology & biomechanics, history, ethics, methodology).

Module 2:

50-hour Hatha Flow TTC: Hatha Flow 2 hatha yoga poses, teaching yoga, creating and teaching flowing sequences, teaching practice, anatomy, physiology & biomechanics, history, philosophy, subtle bodies, equity, business of yoga.

Module 3:

50-hour Gentle Hatha Flow TTC: Softness, Space and Movement with Ease. Gentle yoga poses, gentle flowing sequences, teaching practice, anatomy, physiology, yoga philosophy, chakras and subtle bodies, ethics, modern yoga history and philosophy.

Module 4:

50-hour TTC Finding Stillness through Pranayama, Meditation & Yoga Nidra: learning different Meditation and Yoga Nidra techniques, the power of chanting and pranayama.


11 – 18 February 2023: Module 3 Gentle Hatha Flow Teacher Training “Softness, Space and Movement with Ease”: Gentle Hatha Flow (one week – 50 hours)

8 April – 30 April 2023: 200-hour Hatha Flow Teacher Training Hatha Flow Teacher Training (23 days)

8 October – 30 October 2023: 200-hour Hatha Flow Teacher Training (23 days)


You can follow a 50-hour course at 1395 euros with accommodation at Quaint Hotels, Calypso Hotels or an apartment in Qbajjar. If you have your own accommodation and transport you can follow a 50-hour course at 795 euros.

You can follow the 200-hour course at 4950 euros including your own private apartment or private hotel room in the Qbajjar/Marsalforn area. Contact me in case you live on Gozo or if you have your own accommodation for a different price.

Examination and certification

Every course has a practical and a theory exam. You have to pass both tests in order to get your 200-hour certificate.