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A little bit about us. We are Monique van Bemmelen and Nop Koch and we moved to the island of Gozo, Malta in 2018 from the Netherlands.  Monique has been a regular guest on the island of Gozo since 1993, when she first came here on a diving course. She immediately fell in love with the people, nature, the sea, the sun and the tranquility. The same thing happened to Nop when he first set foot on the island in 2011. What better place to unwind and practise yoga? So we kept coming back to Gozo, sometimes up to 8 times a year, until we felt it was time to move to Gozo and make it our home.

Last year we have organized lots of activities, from daily  group classes, to individual yoga, yoga holidays and one-day retreats. To make all of this possible we work with the best professionals on the island.


About Monique

I am a yoga teacher from the Netherlands. I’ve studied  yoga at the Saswitha Teacher Training College for Yoga and Philosophy for three years, studying hatha yoga. I have been teaching yoga several times a week since 2017, both in the Netherlands and in Gozo, whenever I was on the island. In 2018 I completed a second 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with Balasz Heller in Vinyasa Yoga (Fityoga). Fityoga is a fusion of hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga and it combines strength, flexibility and cardio, together with meditation. In spring 2019 I got certified to teach Yin Yoga at Arhanta Yoga. Yin yoga is the perfect practice to calm down the nervous system and to recharge your body and mind. Oh, and I am Yoga Alliance registered and a member of the VYN, the Dutch Yoga Association. This means that I continually educate myself further and I comply with the highest quality standards in yoga education.

Right now I teach several group classes and private classes every day, which I enjoy immensely. Next to that I take people from all over the world out into nature on my yoga safaris. I love to meet new people and learn new things, so I keep studying to learn more about yoga and about a healthy lifestyle. At this moment I study prenatal and post-natal yoga at Bliss Baby and I have recently completed an intensive course in plant-based nutrition at the Nutritarian Educational Institute (NEI). I will share what I learn on the News & Blog page if you are interested. Nutritional advice and life coaching is available for clients with a yoga card. Follow me on Facebook to learn more!

In 2019 we have organized several yoga retreats as well, visit our Yoga retreats page to learn more about this.


About Nop

I am a yoga teacher and physical education teacher from the Netherlands. I have studied at the Teacher Training College for Physical Education for 4 years, after which I worked with great enthusiasm as a PE teacher and manager for Sports Education for many years. I guided recreational GetFit session for grown-ups and worked as a speed skating trainer for many years. As from 2015 I am a regular and enthusiastic yoga practitioner. Savasana is my favourite pose! I have been teaching yoga since 2018, and mixing fitness with yoga and pilates is my favourite yoga style. In 2019 I got certified as a Yin Yoga teacher at Arhanta Yoga in the Netherlands.

As from 2019 I guide Yin Yoga, Fityoga and GetFit sessions several times a week in Qbajjar Bay near Masalforn. I combine cardio, strength and flexibility in my work-outs and in my Fityoga sessions. I love to teach outdoors, because being in contact with the elements adds a lot of extra energy to every work-out I guide. Next to that I offer guided tours in which I combine hiking around the most beautiful places on the island.

If you want to know more, please follow me on Facebook. Next to my group sessions I work as a personal trainer and I am the retreat manager for Yellow Rock Yoga Retreats. Should you want to know more about our retreats, please visit Yoga retreats.

Antje May 2018

About Antje

Antje is a regular co-trainer at Yellow Rock Yoga. Originally from Germany, Antje has lived on the island for more than 15 years and has her own Freediving & Yoga company, http://www.gozofreediving.com. Antje teaches classical hatha yoga and as a freediving instructor she is specialized in breathing techniques. Together with Antje we organize one-day retreats as well.


About Lina

Our co-trainer Lina is originally from Slovenia but she has been on the Maltese islands for five years now. She started her yoga journey in 2014 with Iyengar yoga and noticed the shift in body and mind on and off the mat. Her passion for yoga led her to do a teacher training  in Hatha Yoga in Thailand and Lina is now Yoga Alliance registered and certified. She loves to spread her knowledge and the joy yoga brings, especially on the Gozitan cliffs near the sea. Apart form that she is passionate about sustainable living and she loves to travel. Lina also has her own website: http://www.doyogawithlina.com