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What to wear to yoga class?

As you want to focus on your poses, instead of your outfit, choose comfortable clothes that fit well. A tight fit t-shirt or tank top is preferable to wider t-shirts. Loose t-shirts will fall over your head every time we do a reversed position like a shoulder stand or downfacing dog. Check if your shirt stays put when you bend, turn or twist.

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You could do the same tests as you choose your pants. Leggings or shorts (in summer) would be a good choice.

As for comfort, material that breathes well, like cotton, jersey or bamboo is often advised. Personally I think that sports gear especially made for exercise is a good choice because you can move freely and the material absorbs any sweat really well so that you’ll be comfortable and dry even when you go into Savasana. In autumn/spring/winter it is a good idea to bring an extra top with long sleeves, so that you keep warm during that final relaxation part of the yoga class.

And then your feet: we practise on bare feet but for Savasana a pair of socks are really nice in winter time.

What to eat  and drink before, during or after yoga practice?

You”ll want to do yoga without the distraction of hunger in your belly, but too much or too heavy foods will make your yoga practice uncomfortable. So, try to not to eat anything two hours before your practice, or eat something light like a piece of fruit, a little protein, some nuts or some oatmeal up to one hour in advance of your yoga class.


A smoothie with some fruit and a teaspoon of peanut or almond butter is my favourite!

During yoga practice, sip some water if you feel like it and in summer, make sure you sip some water every 15 minutes or so.

After class drink plenty of water and tea. Avoid alcoholic beverages and if possible, eat a light plant-based meal afterwards. You’ll want to drink water of tea afterwards  because all yoga poses assist in the detoxification process of your body and drinking water and/or tea will assist  the body in cleansing your body.

What to bring?

Bring some water and if you have one, your yoga mat. If you don’t have a yoga mat you can use one of mine.