Schedule & rates

Group sessions, personal yoga, small group yoga & yoga for events

Yellow Rock Yoga offers group sessions, personal yoga, small group yoga & yoga for events. You’ll find all information below.

Outdoor yoga practice in small groups and unlimited online yoga

At the moment we offer outdoor yoga practice in small groups by the sea and unlimited online yoga.


Our outdoor group classes by the sea:

There is nothing like yoga in nature! Move with the elements!

These sessions are in small groups, in line with government regulations for COVID-19. Bring your own mat, cushion and blanket. We keep the required social distance.

  • Mondays: 7:00 – 8:00 Flow Yoga by the Sea, Batterija Qbajjar or Xwejni (Nop)
  • Mondays: 17:30 – 18:45 Yin Yoga by the Sea,  Saltpans Zebbug (Monique)
  • Tuesdays: 7:00 – 8:00  Yoga by the sea, Qbajjar Batterija or Xwejni (Nop)
  • Tuesdays: 18:00 – 19:00 Sunset Yoga by the Sea, Saltpans Zebbug (Nop)
  • Wednesday: 7:30 – 8:30 Gentle Yoga by the Sea Qbajjar Batterija or Xwejni (Nop)
  • Wednesdays: 17:00 – 18.00 Intense Breathing and Meditation at Saltpans (Monique)
  • Thursdays: 7:00 – 8:15 Yin  Yoga by the Sea, Qbajjar Batterija or Xwejni (Monique)
  • Thursdays: 18:00 – 19:00 Sunset Yoga by the Sea, Saltpans Zebbug (Nop)
  • Fridays: 7:00 – 8:00 Yoga by the sea at Qbajjar Batterija or Xwejni (Monique)
  • Saturdays: 7:30 – 8:30 Hatha Yoga by the Sea Qbajjar Batterija or Xwejni (Monique)

In case of very bad weather, the outdoor classes will be held online, through the Facebook group “Yellow Rock Yoga X-tra” or at a ventilated indoor location.

Please note: locations can change depending on the wind.

What if these times don’t fit your schedule?

Participate in our online group class platform! 3 new classes a week through livestream and a big library of video classes, all saved on the platform for your use any time of day.

Or: book a private class! It is more affordable than you think, especially if you share a class with your partner or your friends! Click here for more information.

Follow us on Facebook,  Yellow Rock Yoga Gozo,  for the latest info.

Current online schedule until 1 October 2021:

You can join at least 4 new livestream classes  a week, enjoy one of the many video classes and do a class at a time that is most convenient for you! Our online platform is available 24/7 once you have access to it. You will need a Facebook account to join or access our online group classes.

  • Monday: 8:30 – 9:00 Meditation with Monique
  • Monday: 9:00 – 10:00 Hatha Yoga with Nop
  • Wednesday:  9:00 – 10:15 Yin Yoga with Monique
  • Friday: 9:00 – 10:00 Flow Yoga with Nop or Fityoga with Monique

Yoga for Beginners Package

A great way to feel more confident before you step into your first group class! Learn yoga step by step with a mix of online and personal guidance from Monique or Nop. Find the details here!

Unlimited online yoga is available at 17,50 euros a month.


What if these times don’t fit your schedule?

Book a private class! It is cheaper than you think, especially if you share a class with your partner or your friends! See below for details!

Pregnant or just had a baby?

Congratulations! Yoga can help you to feel your best the forthcoming time. We advise a combination of group classes and personal sessions (alone or with friend or partner). Check with Monique, certified pregnancy yoga teacher,  which classes are best for you & get personal advice!

Group sessions are the usual rate. 10 x personal pregnancy yoga = 200 EUR. If you bring your partner or a friend, add 10 EUR per session.


Rates & bookings

Rates spring 2021:

  • Outdoor group classes are 10 euros each.
  • Unlimited online yoga is 17,50 per month.
  • Unlimited online yoga + 1 personal session per month is 45 euros.
  • Summer outdoor package unlimited group classes for three months  + online: 145 euros.
  • Personal outdoor yoga session 35 euros or 50 euros for 2.
  • Yoga safari 40 euro per person, including transport, fruit and tea.

Booking is essential for all in-person group classes.

A Whatsapp to +356 77300231 is enough to book your spot! Bring water, sunscreen, and a fluffy cushion for Yin yoga.  You will receive a payment link for the payment of your session. After payment, your mat is secured! You can use Revolut, Paypal or credit card to pay for your reservation.


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Personal yoga, personal training & small group yoga

Sometimes there are reasons to choose personal yoga instead of group sessions. For example when:

  • you have specific injuries or you are recovering from injuries;
  • if you have sleeping problems, stress-related problems or if you are suffering from anxiety;
  • if you have digestive issues;
  • if you have hormonal imbalances;
  • you want to build up a yoga routine at home and you want to have a yoga plan suited to your personal goals;
  • you want to learn about yoga poses and sequences in more depth;
  • you want to do your yoga practice at a time that fits perfectly into your own schedule;
  • you don’t want to travel or are less able to do so, online private yoga is a good option;
  • if you are pregnant or post-natal and you want some more personalized sessions..

Personal yoga could be the perfect thing for you, if one of the above applies. Classes take place at your own home, a venue of your choice outdoors, at Satori Centre or online.


Personal yoga is available at 35 euros for 75 minutes and 150 euros for 5 prepaid sessions.

Prenatal & postnatal personal yoga is available at 200 EUR for 10 sessions. Add 10 EUR each if you bring a partner or a friend.

A package of 5 sessions is personal and valid for 2 months.

Online one to one yoga

A special discount applies  to online one-to-one yoga sessions under the current circumstances. Keep yourself fit and relaxed with private yoga sessions online at just 25 euros per hour. You can use Facetime or Skype for these sessions. A package of 5 sessions is available at just 100 EUR.

Small group sessions with friends or family

Sometimes people would like to do yoga with one or two friends or family members. In that case we offer small group yoga at the venue of your choice or at the Gozo Sports Complex.

Small group yoga is available at 50 euros for 75 minutes and 225 euros for 5 pre-booked sessions.

A package of 5 sessions is valid for 2 months.

Do you have a larger group? Please contact us to discuss possibilities.


Yoga safari

This is a 90 minute session on a beautiful location on the island. Available at 40 euros per person, transport, fruits and water included. Please check out the One day retreats Gozo as well.

New: our yoga safari package, valid for two weeks:

  • 3 x yoga safari on different outdoor locations on the island
  • Unlimited access to all our group classes for a maximum of two weeks
  • 1 x chakra workshop indoors or outdoors
  • 1 x reiki treatment or mantra meditation session
  • 1 x silent hiking tour with meditation on different locations
  • Coffee, tea included and one healthy lunch on one of your safari days

Available at 325 EUROS per person only. Create your own retreat this way!


Yoga for events and retreats

It is also possible to schedule a yoga session for events on Gozo, or to include Yellow Rock Yoga teachers in your retreat. Contact us if you have questions about yoga for events or retreats. We are happy to be part of whatever event  or retreat you have, anywhere on the island!