The power of silence and space

A few weeks ago we organized a Silent Saturday in Gozo. We thought it would be good idea to create an opportunity for people to have a day for themselves at the beginning of a new year. A day to reflect, to turn inward and to engage in quiet and mindful activities like yoga, hiking and meditation or just simply to sit in the garden with a herbal tea and a notebook. A day to reflect on new goals and to allow new ideas to come to the surface. A day just to be. We were guests at Fran D’Or B&B in Ghasri, a beautiful place to retreat with lovely valley views. We had beautiful sunny weather too, so we could practice yoga outside by the pool and have lunch in the garden. In the afternoon we went for a long coastal hike and we did some Yin Yoga. All of this in complete silence. Why would anyone want to spend a Saturday in Silence like this?

Most of us lead busy lives and the flow of information never stops. We are constantly bombarded with input from our computers, phones, television and social interaction. Sometimes it is hard to hear the voice inside of you. But if we slow down and find quietness, the mind can slow down too and then we can access our inner wisdom. This often leads too a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. Exactly the reason why people do yoga with us by the sea, to have a bit of quietness and wellbeing on a daily basis. To just move, to breathe and to be silent for a while. It is also the reason why people book retreats with us, retreats for a week or for a day. We are happy to organize time and space to really retreat in order to process our life experiences and to recharge. Gozo is the perfect place to retreat as nature here is so breathtaking and calming.

Not everyone has the luxury to have a week to retreat. That why we have created one-day retreats. This year we will offer Silent Saturdays in every season, to give everyone the opportunity to experience the power of silent yoga, hiking and meditation. We do this together with Michelle Bartolo, a good friend, an experienced yoga teacher and an amazing cook too. We offer our Silent Saturdays at different farmhouses on the island. Do you have a farmhouse with a garden or a view and would you like to host a Silent Saturday? Just let us know!

Next Silent Saturday takes place on 2 April 2022. Please take a look at for all dates in 2022 and book your spot if this is something you would like to try. If you cannot make it on the days offered, and you would like to do a Silent Saturday with a group of friends, just let us know. Namaste, Monique & Michelle

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