One day retreats Gozo

Pamper yourself with one or more days of relaxation in Gozo. You can create your own retreat by booking our yoga safari package (see below) or book a one-day retreat.

One-day retreat

We”ll start the day  with a 90-minute yoga  & meditation session on a beautiful spot on the island. Then we’ll have a sumptuous vegetarian picknick on the beach. You can take time to relax, swim, laze in the sun, whatever you feel like.

In the afternoon you can choose from the following:

  • hike for 120 minutes and explore the island
  • discover free diving
  • journey into the chakras workshop, learning how to balance your energy
  • 120-minutes yin yoga session with yoga nidra
  • mantra singing workshop on the cliffs
  • meditation or silent hiking

We’ll end the day at 16:00 with a complimentary drink. If you want, we can drop you off at the Gozo ferry or elsewhere on the island.


Don’t have the whole day? You could do a yoga safari!

It includes a 90-minute outdoor session at a stunning place on the island you wouldn’t easily find yourself, including a drink, fruit and transport back to Mgarr Harbour or your hotel on the island.



a. Outdoor Yoga, lunch & Hiking: 90 euros p.p.

b. Outdoor Yoga, lunch & Outdoor Yin yoga with Yoga Nidra: 90 euros p.p.

c. Outdoor Yoga, lunch & Journey into Chakras workshop, or Meditation or Mantra workshop: 90 euros p.p.

d. Yoga Safari with tea and fruit (3 hours): 40 euros p.p.

e. Outdoor Meditation in Qbajjar, 60 minutes: 25 euros.

f. Journey into the Chakras Workshop: 3 hours, 40 euros p.p.

g. Outdoor Yoga, lunch & Freediving with Antje : 120 euros p.p., gear, lunch and drinks included.

h. Silent one-day retreat. Be silent for a day and turn inward while enjoying nature walks, yoga, journaling and several meditations on different parts of the island. We start the silence at 9:30 and break the silence at 16:30 to share experiences. Lunch, drinks, transport included. 95 euros.

Good to know: maximum number of persons in a one-day retreat is 4. Minimum age is 14 years old.

New: our yoga safari package, valid for two weeks:

  • 5 x yoga safari on different outdoor locations on the island
  • Access to all our group classes for a maximum of two weeks, depending on availability
  • 1 x workshop (chakra, mantra singing, reiki, yoga nidra, stand up paddling or meditation)
  • 1 x (silent) hiking tour with meditation on different locations
  • Coffee, tea included and one healthy lunch on one of your safari days

Available at 495 EUROS per person.  Create your own retreat this way!

Book here!

Relax, Energize, Enjoy!!!