One day retreats Gozo


Pamper yourself with a day of relaxation in Gozo. We”ll start the day at 10:00 with a 90-minute yoga  & meditation session on a beautiful spot on the island. Then we’ll have a sumptuous vegetarian picknick on the beach. You can take time to relax, swim, laze in the sun, whatever you feel like.

In the afternoon you can choose from the following:

  • hike for 120 minutes and explore the island
  • discover free diving with Antje
  • journey into the chakras workshop, learning how to balance your energy
  • hike or bike for 180 minutes and explore your personal goals on a self-discovery tour
  • 90-minute outdoor fitness session
  • explore the island for 120  or 180 minutes by mountain bike
  • have a massage: a 60-minute massage, 60-minute reiki treatment or a 120-minute lomi lomi massage both by licensed massage therapists here in Gozo.

We’ll end the day at 16:00 with a complimentary drink. If you want, we can drop you off at the Gozo ferry or elsewhere on the island.

NEW NEW NEW & really great: The Yoga & Discover Freediving experience. Yoga in the morning with Monique and Freediving in the afternoon with Antje. Picknick and drinks included!!!


Don’t have the whole day? You could do a yoga safari! It includes a 90-minute outdoor session at a stunning place on the island you wouldn’t easily find yourself, including a drink, fruit and transport back to Mgarr Harbour or your hotel on the island. Alternatively you could do a Self-Discovery Hike or Bike with Nop. This is a 180-minute outdoor session in which you will explore your inner motives and goals, while exploring the island. Last but not least: you could learn about balancing your energy in our Journey into the Chakras Workshop,



a. Yoga, lunch & hiking: 80 euros p.p.

b. Yoga, lunch & biking: 95 euros p.p.

c. Yoga, lunch & journey into chakras workshop: 80 euros p.p.

d. Yoga, lunch & 90-minute outdoor fitness session: 80 euros p.p.

d. Yoga, lunch & 60-minute massage or reiki treatment: 90 euros p.p.

e. Yoga, lunch & 120-minute lomi-lomi massage: 110 euros p.p.

f. Yoga safari (2,5 hours): 35 euros p.p.

g. Self-discovery Hike (3 hours): 35 euros p.p.

h. Journey into the Chakras Workshop: 35 euros p.p.

i. YOGA & DISCOVER FREEDIVING EXPERIENCE: 120 euros p.p., gear, lunch and drinks included. A full day of zen & bliss with Yoga in the morning and Free Diving in the afternoon. Highly recommended!!!!

Availability one-day retreats

One day retreats are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.  The Self-Discovery Hike or Bike is also available on Saturdays and Mondays. You can make reservations by filling out the Contact form