Short courses

Learn more about yoga with one of our short courses. These courses are 10 hours, to be spread over 5 days or less (and you can have days off in between). You can combine a course with private classes or group classes. Most of the time the courses will be organised outside right by the sea. All courses can also be done online at a time that suits you, through ZOOM, Facetime or Skype.

10-hour courses

  1. Yoga for beginners course. Learn the basic poses, basis breathing exercises and short meditations. When you leave the island you will know enough to continue your practice at home in a safe way.
  2. Arm balancing course. Learn headstand, hand stand, crow and other poses in which you feel you can fly!
  3. Yoga for anxiety course. Learn how to deal with anxiety. We all have it now and then and there are poses, breathing exercises and relaxation practices that can be really helpful.
  4. Introduction to Yin Yoga course. Learn the exciting background of Yin yoga, the main poses and learn all about its roots in Chinese Traditional Medicine. This is not a teacher training course, but a course to deepen your knowledge.
  5. Meditation course. Learn how to meditate and fill your toolbox with 5 different meditation techniques.
  6. Pranayama course. Learn 10 different breathing techniques for different energetic benefits. Practice these on a beautiful outdoor location and feel confident that you can use them in your home practice too.
  7. Yoga Philosophy course. Learn about the interesting history and philosophy of Yoga. Enjoy discussing how these ancient teachings can be relevant to our own life.
  8. Chakra Yoga course. Learn about the energy centres in our human body and how to use them to balance our energy during the day.
  9. Prenatal Yoga Course. Learn how to use yoga poses and breathing techniques to prepare yourself for a healthy and happy pregnancy and childbirth.
  10. Ayurveda Course. Learn about the basics of Ayurveda and how to apply this knowledge to your every day food choices, self-care rituals and other life choices.

Every 10-hour course is 395 euros to be paid in advance when you book. To book, just send a message through this link Course material is included and you will get a certificate of participation.

If you have any questions about the courses, reach out to us through the same link!