What’s new in September?

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Almost September already! We hope you are still enjoying your summer, but as the sun sets earlier every day, it is time to look ahead a little bit. What’s new in September?

Retreats back on!

As from 1 September, yoga retreats are back on. Check our yoga retreats page if you are interested. Did you know you can also do a one-day retreat with us? Or a yoga safari to explore the island?

New yoga class every Wednesday at 18:30 at Satori Centre with Nop

We have added a new yoga class at Wednesdays on the Rooftop of Satori Centre. Nop will be teaching a Flow Yoga session, flowing vinyasa yoga with some pilates elements and relaxation too. Limited spaces available, so book early if you like to join this weekly session.

Nop’s morning yoga class in Qbajjar on Wednesdays will be paused until later this fall. We expect to start this class back up in October.

Sunset classes start earlier

Our outdoor late afternoon classes will start earlier because of the earlier sunset.

Mondays: Sunset yoga with Nop 18:00 to 19:00

Thursdays: Sunset Yoga with Monique 18:00 to 19:00

Check the full schedule here.

Online yoga still continues

Our online yoga schedule stays the same in September, and we aim to add Fityoga back into the schedule in October.

We wish you a healthy and happy September!

Monique & Nop







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