December is almost here! What’s new?

It is almost December again! We can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. December is a beautiful time to turn inward more to reflect and at the same time it is a beautiful time to connect to others. A time to give and a time to share. A time for gratitude and a time to relax. We are going to do all of those things the next few weeks! So what’s new in December?


  • Meditation classes

As some of you know Monique went to Amsterdam to do an advanced meditation course. She has come back with lots of new techniques to share. Meditation is a quiet practice that can be done by anyone with lots of science-based health benefits such as:

  1. stress reduction
  2. better sleep
  3. anxiety control
  4. better blood pressure
  5. better memory and attention span
  6. getting rid of addictions
  7. pain management
  8. general wellbeing and emotional balance

Reasons enough to include two meditation classes into our weekly schedule. One on Mondays at Satori Centre Xaghra from 17:30 tot 18:30 starting the 9th of December. The other one on Tuesdays at 9:15 in Qbajjar Bay.

If you like meditation but you like to stretch out as well, try our Yin Yoga classes on Monday, Thursday and Sunday. Yin yoga has all the benefits of a meditation class as well.

  • New Certified Yin Yoga teacher!

Talking about Yin Yoga….Nop has just completed his Yin Yoga Teacher Training! Congrats to Nop and this means that you can now book your private Yin Yoga sessions with Nop and  of course you will find him guiding group Yin Yoga sessions more often!

  • Extra outdoor yoga class on Thursdays 

We have added an extra outdoor yoga class on Thursday mornings at 8:00. Nop will be teaching this class. The focus is to work on a fit body, optimal health, extra energy and on a relaxed mind. This means that we offer outdoor sessions 6 days a week now. If you haven’t tried our outdoor yoga sessions yet, this winter is an excellent moment to get a bit stronger, more flexible and healthier, while enjoying fresh air and beautiful Qbajjar Bay.

  • Personal outdoor fitness training

As most people like their outdoor fitness training to be personal, as from December Nop will be offering his outdoor fitness training only on an individual basis. Should you want to train with a friend or partner, this is still possible. Contact Nop to discuss possibilities.

  • Free and donation based sessions in December

December is the month of giving from the heart, the month of sharing. That is why we are happy to organize two free or donation-bases activities in December:

  1. Gentle Yoga & Meditation session on Sunday 1 December at Victoria Sportscomplex from 15:30 to 17:00. We do this together with Lina Vuk. Any donations will go to Gozo SPCA.
  2. Yoga & AUM-chanting sessions on 21st December from 15:00 to 17:00 in Victoria. This event will be organised together with Antje Lewerenz and several other yoga teachers on the island. Follow us on Facebook to learn more. Again, any donations wil go to Gozo SPCA.

You and your friends and/or family are most welcome!

  • Holiday schedule

We will continu our yoga classes during the holidays, however, between 23 and 29 December there will be a limited amount of classes, mainly indoors. Follow Yellow Rock Yoga Gozo on Facebook, to learn more.

We wish you a beautiful December month, with lots of love and laughter, for you and your loved ones!

Namaste, Monique & Nop







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