Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions Yellow Rock Yoga 2020

Article 1: agreement

By booking a yoga retreat or by taking part in yoga activities, you automatically agree to having read and accepted these general terms and conditions.

Article 2: bookings, memberships & payments

All bookings are strictly personal.  Private yoga cards or memberships for group classes are strictly personal too. To book a private class or group class, your reservation can be confirmed after payment. You will receive a payment link to pay for your classes by credit card or you can remit the money by using Revolut or Paypal.

Bookings for group classes should be done at least a day in advance to check availability.

Memberships are available from 1st of October to 1st of April. A membership starts at the first day of purchase and is to be renewed before the next month starts. Example: if your first membership starts at 3 November, your next payment is due 2 November at the latest. 

Yellow Rock Yoga reserves to right to extend memberships year-round for loyal customers.

When booking a yoga retreat, an advance payment of 20% of the total price, is necessary to confirm your booking. The remainder has to be paid 2 months in advance of the start of your retreat. You will receive a payment link with your booking confirmation.

Yellow Rock Yoga reserves the right to change the yoga schedule and the prices from time to time. All prices are published on www.yellowrockyoga.com.

Participants under 14 years of age are not automatically accepted in activities. Please contact us before bringing children into group or retreat activities.

Article 3: cancellation

Should you be obliged to cancel your retreat booking, there will be no refund for your advance payment. The remainder will be paid back and of course we will discuss whether it is possible to change your booking to another time of the year.

Yellow Rock Yoga reserves the right to cancel your booking because of “serious personal circumstances”. In that case we will always offer you an alternative, which we will discuss with you, or we will fully refund you. 

Cancellation of a private session within 24 hours before the session start, leads to full payment of the cancelled session.

Cancellation of a booked single group class or a yoga safari are also non-refundable if cancelled within 24 hours of the start of the class. If cancelled earlier, we will offer you alternative dates. 

We will not refund paid classes when you do not show up at a booked session, regardless of the circumstance.

Article 4: limitation of liability

When taking part in a yoga activity with Yellow Rock Yoga, you will sign a declaration that states that you are have informed the teacher about possible health issues and that you have consulted your doctor about taking part in yoga classes in case of any existing conditions. Taking part in yoga activities is at your own risk, whenever in doubt about your health or existing injuries, please consult your doctor first.

Yellow Rock Yoga or their teachers cannot be hold responsible or liable for any  injury, material or immaterial damage as a consequence of taking part in yoga activities.

Yellow Rock Yoga or their teachers cannot be held responsible or liable for any injuries or damage resulting from activities guided by third-parties, as a part of a yoga retreat. 

Article 5: Yellow Rock Yoga is  not responsible or liable for theft or loss of personal belongings of a participant. Should a participant in yoga activities or retreats damage materials or accommodation, you can be hold responsible to make up for damages or loss.

Article 6: insurance and medical cost in Malta

Yellow Rock Yoga advises participants of yoga retreats to take out travel insurance. Also we advise you to bring an international medical insurance card with you on your yoga retreat (EHIC). Should medical treatment be necessary in Malta, the EHIC will make sure that hospitals will arrange settlement of any bills with your insurance company. Otherwise you will have to pay for your medical bills yourself and settle finances with your insurance company later. 

Article 7: health & covid-19

To keep everyone safe and healthy please:

  • bring your own mat or big towel
  • bring your own props
  • bring your own hand sanitizer
  • keep the appropriate distance
  • do not come to class or activities when feeling unwell

Updated: 1 July 2020