Yoga at home: my favourite yoga app

Sometimes I want to practise yoga at home and I could use a little inspiration. Inspiration to try new poses or just to look up some poses I may have done before but for whatever reason I tend to skip in my own practice. Of course YouTube is a great source of motivation and ideas but sometimes finding the right YouTube clips take up too much time or it does not come with the right instructions I am looking for. Then the use of yoga apps are a great solution.

I have tried several yoga apps like Yoga International, Asana Rebel, Fitstar Yoga, Yoga Moves, Yoga Trainer Pro and Yoga Studio. Some I still use like Asana Rebel and Yoga International but some of the others I stopped using and some are not even available anymore. My favourite app, however, is still going strong and is getting better every year. I’m talking about the Yoga Studio App. And no no no, I don’t get paid to write anything positive about this app, I just want to share my enthusiasm about this app because I think it could be useful for you and other yoga lovers as well.

It looks like this:


There are complete classes you can follow and there are different classes for different levels and goals. The video classes are in HD and there are featured classes for weight management, runners, prenatal yoga, back pain et cetera. I also like the page with a description of more than 200 yoga poses with complete instructions of how to do them, and you can even build your own sequence with the app. What I also like is that new content is added all the time, so there are always new things to discover

What helps me as well, is that I can use the app on my phone. Makes it easier to create a sequence at home and then take it to the beach to practise.

There is really nothing negative I can say about this app, apart from the fact that it is not free anymore. It comes with a subscription of 21,99 EUR a year. But if you are looking for a high quality yoga app, it could be worth the price.


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